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Managing sustainability,
delivering results

Bluen provides digital and sustainable innovation services

Speed & Reliability

Flexibility & Scalability

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With the right technology, sustainable things can happen

Bluen is an academic spin-off of the University of Naples Parthenope, with the aim to serve individual companies and supply chains in different countries and territories around the world.

Our services include the development of digital and sustainable innovation through the adoption of enabling technologies.


Main services

Research, development and innovation in the development of new, more sustainable or improved products, services or processes

Sustainability assessment through the use of scientific research methodologies (e.g., LCA, S-LCA, LCC, materiality assessment)

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) and Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) 

Digital and sustainable systems (e.g., AI, AR/VR, big data analytics, 3D scanning, digital twin, IoT, metaverse) 

Green and blue innovation in the field of transportation, logistics and supply chain management systems

Blockchain and smart contracts designed according to sustainability standards 

Workflows  that work

Preliminary  sustainability assessment designed for companies who want to gain experience about digital and sustainable innovation

All-in-one solution

Proactive assessment designed for  companies who want to gain experience about digital and sustainable innovation and to convey results to the market


Disruptive assessment designed for companies who want to design advanced solutions to improve performance, minimise risks and increase returns

Smart  automation tools

Automatic assessment designed for companies who want to make decisions about dynamic problems that may be rapidly changing and complex

Built for designing more circular and  green-blue systems

Circular supply systems. Identifying circular economy opportunities within supply chains for evaluating their performance.

Circular production systems. Evaluating performance measures of production systems and their progress towards a circular processes.

Green-blue logistics systems. Assessing managerial and policy implications of investments in circular transportation and logistics solutions.




Why us?

Trusted academic spin-off.
Long-term research and business relationships provide ability to be a trusted provider of system design and R&D services.
Experienced team.
Senior team with experience in system design of blockchain, enabling technologies and sustainability services.
Proven projects.
Accreditated by one of the world’s top 1,000 universities and the results of past R&D projects were disseminated in leading scientific journals.

Get ready to maximize your performance with our digital and sustainable innovation

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