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Bluen is an academic spin-off of the Department of Engineering of the University of Naples Parthenope, with the aim of transferring scientific knowledge and technology to both public and private sectors, and providing services in the fields of industrial and management engineering, digital and eco-innovation, sustainability assessment and reporting, as well as green-blue transition.

It is composed of a team of academicians and professionals with extensive expertise in R&D and innovation consulting, as well as system design. They have established a Business Lab University-Enterprise dedicated to the development of digital and eco-sustainable solutions.

The main competencies revolve around the development and implementation of innovative systems and best practices, achieved through the integration of multidisciplinary knowleddge and skills.

Bluen leverages the entire research and entrepreneurial network to provide an optimal outcome for our partners in terms of:

  • Trust. Our long-term academic and business relationships provide ability to be a trusted digital provider of system design and R&D services

  • Experienced committed team. Senior team with experience in system design of blockchain, 4.0 enabling technologies and knowledge management services

  • Local + International expertise and coverage. Unique combination of technological, entrepreneurial, managerial and research expertise to facilitate broad national and international reach directly and through partners

  • Novel approach. Design science and knowledge management approach help us to break paradigms in driving sustainable technological innovation and surfing digital wave

  • Proven projects. Accreditated by one of the world’s top 1,000 universities and the results of past R&D projects were disseminated in leading scientific journals.



Bluen aims to achieve economic, environmental, social. and resilient objectives by promoting more sustainable and circular business models, increasing the level of servitization, stimulating personalization, improving adaptability, and maintaining a continuous alignment between process and service efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability through the utilization of digital technologies. 

With these premises, it aims to become a provider of resilient prosperity for individuals  and communities, achieving a full integration between digital-sustainable innovation and human ingenuity, as well as encompassing organizational resilience, creativity, and individual proactivity.


Bluen aims to develop innovative methods to enhance individuals' creative faculties, their research capabilities, and their problem-solving skills for complex challenges.

A group of people is more creative and innovative than the most creative and innovative individual within it. Therefore, organizations are equipping themselves with technological solutions and organizational practices to foster creativity within their internal environment, and to initiate continuous learning processes by acquiring innovation from external sources.

Hence, it is necessary to foster synergistic interaction between universities and businesses in an ongoing cooperative process to transform research outcomes into concrete development opportunities through effective channels of technological transfer.

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